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Simon Etele 8: Hi to all! I have PS CS6 64 bit hungarian version. I tried to use Yervant PG 4.

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When I make an album and want to "Make Pages" i get the next error: Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot! Publish Preview. Select the color for your text.

A green check mark will occupy the text box along with an effect marker. Add the text you require to show on the page. While making. Un-populated Pages missing images will have no tick mark. The use of a previously used template will activate a warning dialog box. Populated Pages will have a tick mark. A progressive list will be formed with all your choices. You may choose a template as many times as you wish. For multiple use of the same image. To use images only once. To bring back into view. You can use the same image more than once on any template. A "confirmation window" will appear.

Remember to Save Album. To Remove a placed image in the template. To Remove an image from your work. Yellow Tick. Page is not populated 6. Page is populated yet to 5. No Tick. Selected Page 4. Background color will bleed through 8. Faded image. Flip selected template 2.

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Number of sides and images in Album Page Color Image with locator Alphabet Click on the first one and then press command mac or ctrl PC on the keyboard. I recommend that you select Photoshop [PSD]. Batch Pages or make one at a time. Requesting Jpeg will flatten the layers as part of the save process making the pages final.

Documents Similar To Page Gallery Help

Select Size from pulldown menu Or create a Custom Size. Select the 'Output Format'. Lock proportions to maintain ratio. Select the size of the pages to be duplicated. The Low Resolution folder contains Low Res jpg files only. Tick 'Cut into separate page files'. To do this. A vertical grey translucent line is visible down the centre of Full Page spreads in your low-resolution file. The files will output as layered psd files.

Page will cancel at the end of the creation of the page,Photoshop will not end the process until the page has completed. Please Note: In some templates, this function may cause an incorrect layout result, in this case, just drop a DUMMY image on the side you do not wish to use, this will ensure that the side you want is correctly laid out in the final result.

Delete from folder. Delete the layouts that are NOT required from the folder. Page Gallery will create 3 files of each layout: Double Spread. The album preview will begin from the selected page in the album list. The Page or Spread will appear at the bottom of the image.

clickdownload: Yervant Page Gallery (UB)for Mac

Use Left or Right arrows to navigate. Locate your album file folder and select open. Tick the 'Show Output Page' box. You can also launch Page Gallery to start the program. Your old file will not be lost. To re-number your pages after re-shuffling their succession. Business Name.

To end the movie with your business name. Click Make Movie to begin.

You can stretch the slide show to fit to the length of the music. Page Gallery will blend the music for you. Select Playlist Playlist Window Page First go to iTunes. When you create the Quicktime Movie in PG. To add music to your album movie. You can have as many songs as you like. Adjust the Slide duration and Transition effect to time your Movie to the music length.

Graphistudio Yervant PlugIn

The are 3 ways to print your album. Print Menu Page output selected Set print option for landscape view to maximize print area. Print Menu Approval output selected. All your Hi-res files have been created in one "Album Folder". It is recommended that you send flatted files for printing. Our example is "Yervant in Venice" Album folder designated Page Set the number of sides to the corresponding Album.

Once you reach the total number of pages you wanted to create. Page Gallery will give you a warning. To MAKE the pages. Click on the first one and then press command Mac or ctrl PC on the keyboard. From the pop-up menu. Now select all the Double-Side layouts. Click on the first one and then press command mac or ctrl PC on the keyboard To make a selection of a group of templates.. Hands Free creating of the album cover.

Including re-numbering of the pages. Make sure that you follow AsukaBook requirements.