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Steps on How to Jailbreak iOS 5.2 (iOS 6.1) on Apple TV 2 Untethered Using Seas0nPass:
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It does not matter if you have an app installed on your device that can be used to open a particular type of file as you are able to copy absolutely any files onto it, providing you have the space available. If you have opted to jailbreak your device, this does open up additional options to you.

You can browse through your SMS store and address book, backup and restore your emails and much more. Providing the features that should have been a part of iTunes from the start, this is an essential app for any iOS device owner. Magical Adobe prototypes get unveiled for the first time — which are the best for visual creatives? All Rights Reserved. I have iPhone 5s on iOS I used to be able to mirror my phone to tv via lightning connector and a cable.

I had no problem doing so on iOS 9. Now when I connect via cable it says cannot connect to Apple TV even though the phone recognized the cable. I am looking for a solution to this problem and have not been able to fix yet. Air play does not work, only a black screen appears on the tv but the sound does play out of the tv.

Same issue for several devices. Anyone have any solutions? This is what I have tried unsuccessfully. Disk Utlity repair permissions 2. If it doesnt have a desktop picure, it will fool you by being black. Also, arrange your monitirs in preferences if you are going to use this.

How-To Jailbreak And Install FireCore aTV Flash Black on Apple TV2 5.3 Seas0nPass BootTethered ATV2

We have no problems playing iTunes through a Macbook but through our iPad we can connect mirroring however as soon as we try to play a movie that is in our memory the appletv screen goes blank. We can play Youtube videos and video games are displayed fine… only movies, through the movie app. Any thoughts? Finally got mirroring to work and proper icon to show. Two problems needed fixing: a software update to the Apple TV device—this took about 15 minutes to download and update. Then I disconnected Apple TV for about one minute, plugged it back in.

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It came back onto the network, then it correctly configured into my iPhone 6 airplay app. Now works flawlessly. Hope this is good for you too! Best of luck…. Clearly Apple is not committed to supporting this product.

Time to look elsewhere…. This is still a problem without a real solution. My iPhone 6 shows icon but will only play sound no video. Clearly connected no mirroring.

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My MacBook Air is even worse. Icon visible but not able to make it work or turn it from off in preferences. Rebooted, software all current.

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VERY Frustrating. I can see the tv AirPlay device in my iPhone button control, and I select it. Still not working. How may I know how to solve the problem?

Atv flash black mac : hiharbe

Just got my first iPhone 5 used and tried to mirror to my Apple TV. The AirPlay button is there and when I click it and choose apple tv nothing happens. It does work when I use my Mac Air. I see photos online of a slider mirror button. Is that supposed to be there on the Iphone? The airplay icon is there but can not find any mirroring devices. Called Apple customer service, they told me to reinstall the system, and then I spent another two good hours to convince them there is no problem in my wifi and other devices. Problem is not solved. I can still listen to music because somehow I found out that I can choose my airplay device for sound output.

Totally same problem.

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AirPlay is not working and is not talking to my iPad. After my last update my ipad AirPlay does not work anymore.

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I see the icon, I select it but it deselects itself automatically. Any ideas? I can see the connection to the apple tv briefly, after that there is a message on my tv that the connection is not possible. My old iPhone 4 with os 7. This makes me believe that the problem is in iOS 9. I have 2 brand new Apple TVs that I installed in 2 conference rooms at work.

Initially they both set up easily and mirroring was working. Then I unplugged one of the devices from the network drop and plugged it in to the drop that had been installed behind the TV. It was unable to access the network and somehow brought that segment of network down. The device froze up and I ended up having to take it back to my desk and restore it.

I then connected it to a TV near my desk and was able to bring it up and mirror my device.

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Figured I was back in business — not so fast…. This one is MIA. I have Reset the device. I have Restored the device. We are having trouble getting Airplay to work on two devises both are on 9. Another device will connect was originally connected on previous iOS and phone has not been updated to iOS 9 yet. New devises show the option for airplay but will not display anything, just showes white screen after choosing Airplay.

Same problem here.

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It does not mirror anymore. The mirroring bar is no longer there. Only sound to the tv. No pictures. Reset AppleTv. Even rebooted iPad. Same problem. All the problems you are describing was mine also. It requires you to use a mini to USB cord. This updated the software to 6.