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How to Boot from an External Device on Restart with Mac Boot Manager
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  4. How to Boot a Mac from an External Drive or Alternate Startup Disk

This worked for me after trial and error with some of the updates on the procedure. However… after successfully making everything work I went greedy. I created a G: approx. Make sure External drive is ejected. I had same error. Mac mounted the drive automatically after running bootcamp. When i restart my mac, the external drive is not shown as an option to boot from — how can i fix this?

Install OS X

Anyone know how to get the EFT partition in there? There are many, many posts below in comments for that exact issue, all the way back to the earliest comment. I even left help about it a couple or few times. Good Luck! Hi, thanks for the tutorial! Does it change other parts of the process? Any help is appreciated!

Hi, you have to write bootcamp. Great jobs. I followed the procedure and now windows 10 pro works perfectly in my iMac 21,5 late Thank you very much. T5 is good because it installs the smoothest to that SSD. Here is what I do and what I suggest anyone do: I first read through all the comments below, all of them, right back to the time it was originally posted because the writer answers in many of those and added additional instructions or explanations.

I printed off the original instructions and made notes on each section where comments by others mattered or changed it. Then I attempted to do it. I ran into some things as most people will with so many different models and peripheral specs, but they were easily resolved by either the comments below, or a bit of trial and error. Three days is the longest the first install took, the second one was an hour and a half. It does work.

But I think you need to pay close attention to many comments and questions below and adjust the instructions accordingly. It is well worth that effort and extra time.

Floris van Breugel

Please help. Did you ensure that the external drive with Windows has the EFT partition too? That is what is needed to see it as a boot selection. I got everything completed, Windows is running on my external drive, but installing the drivers is where my issue lies.

Use Startup Manager

When I run the setup app from my USB the setup seems to be going fine, and then the screen goes black. When I move my cursor to wake up the screen its really dim. Macbook Pro to a Macbook Air? Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Laptop General Discussion.

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Question how do i connect my old macbook pro to a new external solar charger? May 22, Jan 28, Dec 4, Aug 29, Apr 5, I changed my external display to hz and now I have a white screen. Apr 1, External hard drive.

Why dual-boot macOS

Oct 2, I need to access my thumb drive. I've tried to external devices in finder. Jul 14, Windows Software on MacBook. I ended up installing Kubuntu because the Plasma 5. I hope this helps simplify things a little. It's not the most elegant or technical way to do it so it's not perfect but it works. The byte block alignment messes up in the installer, and I could only get it to install in XFS, but that attempt failed to boot.

So I tried again with Gparted. I used rEFInd but not sure it was necessary. Seagate tries to create the impression that you will need to use one of their drives connected to it, but a standard laptop sized SATA drive worked fine. I did need to shim the drive slightly to fit the enclosure correctly.

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and macOS Sierra on PC - Hackintosh - Step By Step

You just need the option key to get the boot selector. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to boot Ubuntu on a mac from external USB storage? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 11 months ago. Active 16 days ago.

How to Boot a Mac from an External Drive or Alternate Startup Disk

Viewed 39k times. If I can get this solved I will place a clear guide on the web somewhere! Coljac Coljac 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Well, I spent a second whole day on it and now I've cracked it. I sincerely hope some other poor soul gets some value out of this. Here's a recipe that works at least, on my iMac with Ubuntu