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BTW… After experimenting with several headsets and mics I have settled on a wireless Bluetooth headset so that I can walk around my living room and dictate. In fact I am dictating on it right now and I have not had a mistake. It is wonderful walking around and sometimes flailing my arms around completely untethered from any wires and having this high amount of accuracy.

Not all Bluetooth mics are bad — not at all — but many just lack the quality needed for Dragon accuracy.

There are exceptions and it sounds like this is one of them. Hi Scott not sure you will get this message as it is 15 months later! I just upgraded to Professional Although the PC under Parallels recognises and hears my sound inputs, Dragon Professional 15 randomly fails to hear my dictation.

Dragon for Mac Goes from Zero to Hero – But Is It Too Late?

I am running Windows 10 on the latest version of parallels on a Macbook pro 16 g ram, high sierra The sound settings: This has worked perfectly for Dragon What settings are you using for Dragon 15? Make sure your mic is selected in your Mac sound panel — this determines the actual level as Parallels is simply passing it to Windows at this point. Also, check you are running the latest version of Parallels Tools: Dragon for Mac 6 is still pathetic. There is not one application I have ever used that is crashed so many times, made so many mistakes, and had been so frustrating with jumping cursor glitches that indiscriminately begin typing anywhere in your document but where you wanted to stay.

After a run of usually about three or four paragraphs, I have to constantly force quit by opening and Activity Monitor. I feel stupid that I keep buying into the idea that their new updates are going to fix all these issues.

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Each time they want more money and each time I stupidly purchased this absolutely horrific application that constantly has new bugs and never fixes the old ones. Hi Scott, any updates in to this software that makes it more usable? No new updates this year. Still at 6. The shortcomings in functionality compared to the PC version remain, however. I purchased Dragon for Mac in January It was an exercise in tremendous frustration. You could not even dictate into Windows that did not support full dictation. Sporadically, sometimes dictation would fail to work properly. Furthermore, the macro system for Mac is missing several key features, not limited to parameterized commands as you can do with Dragon macros in Windows.

The web browser support in February was completely nonexistent. When you go to download the plug-in for Safari, you are greeted with an alert dialog letting you know that the certificate has expired. How reassuring!

Dragon Dictate | Reviews | MacUpdate

Alas, even bravely forging ahead, the plug-in still did not work. Anyways, I ended up getting a refund, and purchasing the Windows version. Running virtual machines seems to do a lot better on this configuration than my MacBook Pro which I still have, use, and enjoy. Maybe it is overkill, but things are working extremely good for me with the setup.

I toyed with the idea of having a Windows desktop PC, and a MacBook, but in the end, it was simpler to just use parallels desktop. The integration between the 2 Operating Systems is way better that way.

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  • I will say that there is an annoying issue with audio with parallels desktop: I have created this auto-hotkey macro which I will run on occasion to reset the audio delay: I am now having serious issues with dragon 6 pro for mac continually crashing…….. Make sure you have installed all system updates via the Apple menu; 2. Run the Dragon update to ensure you are using version 6. Keep things simple by only dictating into TextEdit. This prevents Dragon from having to interface with a more complex program. Scott — FYI this has been the best support thread I have found and most upto date so thanks.

    Thanks for providing the link, Nick.

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    • The update functionality seems intermittently down lately for both Mac and PC versions of Dragon so both the 6. And does anybody know if the new version for the Mac is imminent? Thanks in advance and thanks for the great article and support.

      Scott, Nuance took down their Dragon Dictate for Mac forum and have not brought it back online. Where are you going these days to discuss all things Dragon Dictate for Mac? Your best bet might be the Dragon Riders group on Facebook. I have cubital tunnel syndrome which has made typing and using a mouse very painful. The program overall seems buggy. It has quit on me a few times, and sometimes the dictation will randomly start adding an extra letter until I restart my computer, but it sounds like nothing compared to the earlier trials you went through.

      Does anyone have any experience using Dragon to navigate a web browser on a PC and a Mac? If so, did you notice any significant differences? Also, is there any way to write a command using the function key? I think that is why scrolling never works on Safari. It randomly starts leaving an extra letter for me as well sometimes. This has been present for several versions. Overall version 6. Siri dictation, which is getting better and better, still falls far short of this in my opinion.

      But even with the 6. MS Outlook functionality especially editing is totally broken — for example, if you select a word and dictate a new word to replace it, the old word will still be left behind. uses cookies.

      Same goes for Mail. Sorry for the bitterness but the whole thing is very disappointing. Nuance skipped an update cycle in presumably to get both v6 for Mac and v15 for PC more stable. Too erratic elsewhere. In my brief experiment with DragonDictate 2 months , I had created AppleScript macros that would take the contents of TextEdit, press command tab, paste, and then switch back. It was the only way to get reliable dictation.

      56 thoughts on “Dragon for Mac Goes from Zero to Hero – But Is It Too Late?”

      The Mac version is truly sad. Fortunately, Nuance was not overly stringent on giving me a refund. I hope that they can get the product to work. The speech recognition engine is second to none. The integration with Mac OS, however, is abhorrent. No tables, no photos. Will I be able to dictate a Word document and enter some boiler plate happy to use key strokes for that?

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      Edit mistakes? Alternately, I have an old Parallels Desktop and could get a new version, but not sure how much that would complicate things. Since then Dragon Professional for Mac has been the gold standard for dictation on the Mac. The built-in macOS dictation isn't bad but also can't keep up with Dragon Professional for Mac on accuracy or features. Every year or two, Nuance releases an update to Dragon for Mac.

      Nuance Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0 review: Better performance and accuracy

      Version 6 just landed and I've been using the heck out of it. The short version of this story is that dictation and usability improvements make Dragon Professional for Mac version 6 both a great product to get in on if you want to get serious about dictation and a worthy upgrade for existing users. Here come the details…. One of the reasons a lot of people don't get very far with dictation is the training process. It takes time to get your microphone set properly and then train the application to understand your voice and speech peculiarities.

      The app is also better at distinguishing your words from background noise. That makes the app more forgiving.